Success of our development app for Mary Kay

Success of our development app for Mary Kay

It’s been only two days since we have released another of our native mobile applications to market apps, in order to help in a simple and convenient way of organizing your wedding day.

The success of Brides to Mary Kay style has exceeded our expectations, becoming one of our applications with more impact in a very short period of time and useful according to our users.

Mary Kay Company

Mary Kay is a company dedicated to direct sales of skin care products and makeup with more than 50 years experience. Its founder, Mary Kay Ash began his journey in the cosmetic world with only 5 products and a philosophy that still continues. A philosophy which is based on helping women to develop their full potential to achieve their dreams, because women are capable of everuthing.

His bussines vision has led the company to become one of the best companies in the world selling cosmetics. Today, Mary Kay continues to inspire, enriching and encouraging women to do great things.

Brides to Mary Kay Style

Redegal has developed and designed with the company Mary Kay, a native mobile app for both operating system, the Android and IOS, which allows clients to arrange their wedding day, view the product options, learn tutorials and share their feelings and experiences with the rest of the world.


The ease of navigation at the application allows anyone to access and interact in it without any complication. All features reinforce a positive effect on the brand image and corporate profits, because their usability achieve users remain much longer in the application, and also it will attract a new audience, brides.

After downloading the application, we will be able to create an account or continue without registration, but this option has limited functionality.

If we continue with the logging option, we only have to introduce a range of personal information such as name, email, wedding date … and the application set the tasks and data required for the organization of the wedding. After this process, the following category allows to select the remaining time before the wedding date, where be displayed a series of activities that we can check off.


The following categories provide us different bride styles with beauty products and makeup that you can share in your social networks.

Another category shows the budget of the wedding, broken down into different states.

We may change our user data, date and budget wedding and upload a picture.

Finally, the application provides us a consultancy service, selecting the city or by entering a postcode, which will facilitate a professional consultant close to the nearest location to mexican cities.

In Redegal we are very proud to have created not only a mobile application of international and guaranteed success, but the possibility to easily organize heavy tasks in order to help clients in the most important day of their life. And all thanks to the collaboration of one of the largest cosmetics companies with professional and leading global career.